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Teaching and research in the "Anthropology of the Americas"

Teaching and research at the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas concentrate on Amerindian societies in past and present. Students will be introduced to theories and methods of cultural anthropological research and to empirical historical sciences, such as archaeology, ethnohistory and epigraphy. In all this, Amerindian languages constitute a key focus of study.

With their various particular phenomena and processes of cultural development in human societies, the Americas provide a unique case for contrastive analysis with the culture-historical developments in the Old World.

The field of study offers methodological training in archaeological, linguistic and ethnographic research projects and can occasionally make available positions for students in Master and PhD-degree programmes. An overview of the Department's research projects is provided in the section about Research.


Career paths

Graduates of the degree programmes BA in "Latin American Studies & Anthropology of the Americas" (Lateinamerika- und Altamerikastudien) and MA in the "Anthropology of the Americas" (Altamerikanistik und Ethnologie) gain employment in a wide range of different professions:

  • science management and cultural administration
  • media and publishing houses
  • foundations and international funding organisations
  • development cooperation
  • museums
  • public relations
  • companies engaging with Latin America
  • adult education




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