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Doris León Gabriel


Identities, networking and the role of the ‘festive culture’ in socioeconomic success of the population from the peruvian Altiplano


The research focuses on the role of the 'festive culture' originated in the Altiplano, a highland region mainly shared by Bolivia and Peru, in the economic success and the increasing social mobility of its population in migration contexts. People from the Altiplano, most of them descendants of the Aymara ethnic group, have developed great economic achievements especially through their historical role as itinerant merchants and the building of social networks among their community members to create their own enterprises. Nowadays, there is an expansion of the folk-dance groups and festivities of this region along the country, in these occasions this population shows its wealth and creates symbols of social prestige as a model of economic success. This festive culture expresses itself through dance performance in religious festivities, and other social events as weddings, baptisms, diverse anniversaries, even competitions, and an increasing audiovisual culture in Internet spread by the members of folk-dance groups or immigrant associations. These spaces are also opportunities to create social relationships, and to spread values that go beyond the festive activities. Through ethnographic work in Lima and Puno, the research will analyze how the networks are built, and which practices, values and knowledges shared during the festive spaces contribute to the socioeconomic success of people from the Peruvian Altiplano.


Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Karoline Noack

Förderung: DAAD

E-mail: doris.leon (at)

Bild: “Cholitas”, female dancers  of Morenada in Festividad de la Virgen de Candelaria in Puno, Perú. Doris León, 2013


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