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Study Abroad

By studying abroad, one not only improves foreign language skills, but also gains professional and intercultural competences.

The Department for the Anthropology of the Americas would like you to encourage planning a semester abroad during studies. Therefore, the department cooperates with different universities in Europe and Latin America and is able to offer various exchange opportunities. You have the possibility to apply through either the ERASMUS-Program for a position in one of our European partner-universities or to study abroad with one of the different cooperation agreements for up to one year at a Latin American university.


The collected information can be found in the following table


Europa Lateinamerika

Karte Europa 2


Entrance information 
Study locations 
Study abroad application 
Internship abroad application 
Language skills 
Contact Person 

Entrance information 
PUCP in Lima
UNAM in Mexiko
Direct exchange with Latin America




 International Office

The International Office of the university offers two major exchange programs:

The application deadline for the Direct Exchange Program in Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Brazil) for the academic year 2020/21: 2/14/2021

Information is available here!

At the International Office, there is extensive information about these programs and support for all questions regarding a stay abroad during one’s studies. Use the internet offer, personal advice or the recurring informational events. At the International Office, you can also register for participation in the Certificate of International Competence




Self-organized Study Abroad

With the cooperation of the university/department, you have the possibility to arrange a stay abroad with a European or Latin American university of your own choosing and to apply for aid, for example, from:

  • PROMOS-Program of the university
  • DAAD
  • Abroad-BaFöG

Additional information and counseling is available at the International Office. The associates of the department are happy to help with the clarification of details, for example, coordination of the curriculum at the foreign university.



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