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Studying at the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas

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Students of the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas on the
Bolivian excursion in February / March 2018 (Photo: Carla Jaimes Betancourt)
More Info about the excursion can be found
  on the
excursion blog





The Department for the Anthropology of the Americas offers the only bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Germany with a focus on (Latin) America. It provides a diverse portfolio of subject matter that goes hand in hand with a broadly-based expertise and methodological approach. Studies encompass the fields of ethnology and ethnography, ethnohistory, archaeology and archaeoinformatics, and linguistics and literature studies of Latin America. Depending on career aspirations, students can either set a disciplinary focus or study in an interdisciplinary manner.

In both the BA and MA programs, there is the possibility to enrich one’s specialized direction by learning an Amerindian language (currently Náhuatl, Yucatec Maya, K’iche’ Maya and Quechua). These language skills can be used for studying written sources, undertaking ethnographic field research on location, during study abroad with one of our cooperation partners, or on an excursion.

In relation with regional competence in the greater (Latin) American region provided by your studies, diverse career prospects are afforded, such as those in internationally operating organizations and companies (non-governmental organizations in development cooperation, agencies, foundations, the tourism sector, etc.) and in science and cultural management.

Along with interdisciplinary learning opportunities, studies here are first and foremost characterized by their familial atmosphere and the close mentoring relationship between students and instructors. The department also offers its students the chance to gain access to careers in museum and cultural management by means of independent development of exhibitions with its own (study) collection and museum open to the public, the Bonn Teaching and Study Collection (BASA).

Detailed information about the degree programs, doctoral opportunities, student counseling and guidance, as well as living and studying in Bonn in general can be found on the following pages.

Bachelor degree

B.A. Ancient American Studies and Ethnology / B.A. Latin and Ancient American Studies

Master degree

M.A. Anthropology of the Americas / M.A. Latin American Cultural Studies

Doctoral Program

Getting your doctor at the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas

Academic Advisory Service

Information regarding application, organisation, contents and course of studies

Living in Bonn

Living and studying at one of Germany's biggest universities

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