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Career Prospects

Graduates of our degree programmes in the Anthropology of the Americas will have acquired a wide range of transferable skills, which provide access to various career sectors. These include the general core skills in the humanities as well as a number of specialised skills that result from the diverse methodological approaches applied in the subdisciplines of the field. Graduates will have applicable knowledge about processes and dynamics of cultural development and indigenous societies in Latinamerica. They will have developed analytical skills through the study of text and other forms of media and objects; methodological skills in the cultural and social sciences; and good knowledge of Spanish and English. The study of Amerindian languages requires students to analyse and focus on culturally different patterns of thought and categorisation, which equippes graduates with valuable intercultural skills.

The skills provided by our degree programmes can be applied in and transferred to a wide range of different career fields, such as:

  • academic research
  • science, higher education, culture or heritage management
  • media and publishing sector
  • international and national research foundations and organisations
  • international aid and development work
  • museum work
  • public relations sector
  • organisations and companies operating in Latinamerica
  • adult education
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